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La segunda jornada del Jubileo de los sacerdotes estar dedicada a un retiro espiritual que impartir el Santo Padre a todos los sacerdotes y seminaristas del mundo. La Basilica estar cerrada al publico el 2 de junio 2016.

En el viale San Paolo instituida el area de permanencia prolongada para los autobuses turisticos

 Roma, 11/08/2020

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I ask the intercession of Saint Paul, My Holy Mother Mary, to Jesus Christ the Lord to hear my prayers. I know that the prayers that I entrust to you Saint Paul are heard, please implore the Good God to help this family still striving on the earth to become as you are. I ask for healing both in body and soul for all of my family so that we may be strong to do Gods will. Saint Paul pray for us, Holy Mary pray for us, Dear Jesus hear our prayers and answer them.
Madre Immacolata,
per la Passione di Ges,
e i Dolori di San Giuseppe,
ti affido Fabrizio e la sua famiglia.
Uniscila nel tuo Amore.
Dagli un segno del tuo Amore.
Proteggi e benedici la nostra amicizia.
Confidiamo in Te o Madre buona e ti ringraziamo.
Dear Lord:
For my daughter, Gina, on her 24th birthday: bless her and guide her on her journey
For my husband: nourish his soul through his Lenten commitment
For our new (unborn) grandson and his mom, Chelsea: continued good health!
For all our family: guard them and keep them safe and in the peace of the Lord
For all who have no one to pray for them: let them know that they are not forgotten by the Lord.
Signore misericordioso ti prego aiutami ad avere un bambino.
Please pray for 4 yr. old Abbie that she have a full recovery of her kidney cancer and that her family remember that the Blessed Mother and her son, our Lord Jesus Christ are holding them in their arms during this time.
Thank you and God Bless all of you,
sissy and Ron
My daughter, Caroline that she graduate from college and find her place in the world and turn to you Dear Lord for comfort and guidance. Thank you so very much.
The office bearers are retaliating by causing leakage / seepage in my flat and refuse to have it rectified. They have now sued me legally in court by making false allegations. The final hearing of my case is on 18-03-2014. At the last two hearings, the judge had favor with me. Pray that he may continue to have favor with me in the fina hearing also and give righteous judgement.
My trust is in my Lord Jesus. I know that the Lord is He who goes with me to fight for me against my enemies, to give me victory.
I thank God for the victorious people like Moses, David, Gideon, Samson, etc... I know by faith I will have the victory and the justice of my cause will shine like the noonday sun.
Pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit and favor of the Lord to be on the judge, the committee members and their lawyer and God to give justice. My God is bigger than my problem.
I believe in the power of God and I trust that He can do things more than I can think and imagine. I need your prayer support in my situation.
Proteje Seor el viaje que realizaremos con mi hijo y esperamos llegar a vuestra baslica, otorgame la serenidad y la paz para los momentos que me tocan vivir. Dame salud para continuar en el camino del Seor como as tambin a toda mi familia en especiala mi hijo Ariel. Y PAZ para mi amada Argentina.
Em memoria do Sr. Rudi falecido na Alemanha em 02/03/1024. Descanse em paz !

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